Wedding Buttonholes

Tulip buttonhole for a winter wedding.

A stylish buttonhole is the finishing touch to the groom’s outfit. We create buttonholes with style and detail to ensure the groom’s flowers fit with the wedding flower theme.

Cream rose buttonholes for a page boy.

Buttonholes worn by the groom and ushers for a church wedding ceremony.

My advice is to always link the buttonholes to the bouquet flowers. This can be done by using the same main flower like a rose or by coordinating the colours. I like to think about how everything is going to look in the wedding photographs.

Rose buttonholes to match the bridal bouquet.

Groomsman wearing gypsophila and freesia buttonholes for a winter wedding.

Some of our gents like to keep things simple and everyone wears the same buttonhole, it’s entirely up to you.

Page boys arranging their buttonholes.

Lots of couples ask me “Who should wear a buttonhole?” If you want to stick with tradition, then it’s the groom, best man, both fathers, ushers and pageboys. Also if you have any brothers that are not ushers then you might want to include them. One person not to forget are any granddads, they are often from the generation that would expect to receive one. If you’re planning a more casual wedding that’s less formal, you might want to just provide buttonholes for the groom, best man and the fathers.

Rose buttonhole with red berries for a winter wedding.

Buttonhole featuring wheat for an outside autumn wedding.

For gents that don’t really want or like flowers, we have made lots of alternative buttonholes featuring things like wheat as seen in the photo above for a country wedding, feathers, fir cones and simply just foliage.

Blue thistle buttonhole for a tweed wedding suit.

Cerise pink rose and blue thistle buttonhole.

Orchid and ranunculus buttonholes

It’s very popular to make the groom’s buttonhole stand out in some way. This can be achieved through the use of colour or choice of flower. We sometimes make the groom’s wedding buttonhole to match the bride’s bouquet and the rest of the gents’ buttonholes to coordinate with the bridesmaids’ bouquets.

Groom's buttonhole featuring an ivory rose, pinecone and blue berries for a winter wedding.

Freesias and fir cone buttonhole for the groom at a winter woodland wedding.

Daffodil buttonholes for a spring wedding.

Buttonholes are worn on the left lapel. They sit on the front of the lapel and should not be placed through any buttonholes on the jacket. They are then pinned on the back of the lapel so that the pin is hidden from view.

Church pedestal arrangements featuring red flowers including roses.

Phalaenopsis orchid buttonholes for a winter wedding.
Our most popular wedding buttonholes feature roses, calla lilies, gerberas and orchids but please enquire about any other flowers that you are interested in having.

Here are more examples of our wedding flowers: