Should You Throw Your Wedding Bouquet?

By Cindy | Wedding Flowers

Nov 11

Many brides ask me if they should throw their bridal bouquet. It can be a difficult decision to make as the bouquets are so beautiful it can seem a shame to throw yours.

The bride throwing her bouquet.

Here you can see Elina as she throws a bouquet to the waiting ladies. It makes a great photo and is fun for the ladies in the wedding party. Elina was keen to do this but didn’t want to throw her bouquet so she used one of her bridesmaid’s bouquets instead.

Brides bouquet travels through the air to the waiting ladies.

You can see from the tussle that went on to grab the bouquet the ladies were keen to get into the spirit of things.

Ladies compete to catch the bridal bouquet.

Sometimes I make small throwing bouquet for brides that want to be involved in this traditions but are not going to part with their actual bouquet.

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