Ideas for Your Top Table Flower Arrangement

By Cindy | Wedding Flowers

Jun 10


There are plenty of ways to decorate your top table and a flower arrangement is the perfect way to add colour, texture and style to your wedding table.

The most popular top table set up is a long one that faces out across the room with the bride and groom sitting in the centre. Above you can see two examples of what I call a long and low arrangement. The great thing about a long and low is it sits well in front of the bride and groom trails out along the table and falls down the front. So when all your guests are looking your way it sits in the perfect position.

Some people decide to lengthen this arrangement and you can see how I have add two small versions either side of the central arrangement on Sue’s top table. The main reason being that Sue loves flowers and wanted to have a really beautiful arrangement that ran the length of the table.

For couple that have chosen the candelabra arrangements on the round guest table they often opt for a top table arrangement with candles in it. Here you can see one that I created for Lisa’s winter wedding at Wroxall Abbey. I placed three large church candles into the arrangement surrounded by beautiful white Phaleanopsis and Singapore orchids. This looked stunning in the evening as it gets darker earlier in the winter it added really atmosphere to the wedding breakfast.

If you are not a fan of long and low’s then don’t worry we have plenty of other designs, two of which you can see here. The one above is pails of flowers that I placed along Amy’s top table at Wethele Manor, these really suited the country feel of the wedding venue.

Above you can see how I placed random jam jars filled with flower posies along Gemma and Oliver’s top table at the Dormy House Hotel. Gemma had a pearl theme running through her wedding so I ran strings of pearls in-between the jam jar posies.
If you are not having a long top table you might be happy with the same table arrangement that is on the rest of the tables but if not we can always create you a unique arrangement. Here you can see two examples, Kate’s above featuring the beautiful blue and ivory hydrangeas to match with the rest of the wedding flowers, the other tables had tall arrangements so this marked the top table out by being different.

Below you can see Rebecca’s featuring the lovely church candles at various heights and surrounded by stunning red roses.


So there are plenty of ideas and designs of how to use flowers to decorate your top table. We also really recommend that you use your top table arrangement in the ceremony as it can work really well on the registrar’s table or altar in the church.

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