Ideas for Wedding Cake Flowers

By Cindy | Wedding Flowers

Apr 20

Phalaenopsis orchids decorating a wedding cake.

Cake Clusters

Fresh flowers can look stunning when they are attached to the tiers of a wedding cake. In the photos below you can see how I’ve made clusters of white phalaenopsis orchids to sit on the top and sides of the wedding cake. You can also see how I’ve added individual purple anemones to each tier of a chocolate cake.

Flowers placed on the tiers of the wedding cake.

Cake Topper

Using a cake topper is the easiest way to decorate a wedding cake with fresh flowers. I often make them in the same flowers as the bridal bouquet. Both of the ones you can see below are ones I’ve made with roses and freesias.

Roses and freesia cake toppers for wedding cakes.

Fresh Flower Cake Tiers

Placing individual flowers in-between the tiers of a wedding cake can really add the ‘wow factor’. Here you can see how I added beautiful white hydrangea’s and peonies in-between each tier. I also added a cluster to the top. To create this stunning effect I have to work with the cake maker as each tier is put together.

White peonies and hydrangeas placed in-between the tiers of a spring wedding cake.

Flower Cascade

You can see how I’ve created this stunning blue hydrangea cascade down Kate’s wedding cake. Kate had seen a photo like this online and I was so happy to be able to recreate it for her.

Blue hydrangeas cascading down a wedding cake.

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