Bridal Bouquets

Pale pink peony posy bouquet for a bride in Stratford Upon Avon.

Bride and bridesmaid outside the church with their bridal bouquets.Here are some of our popular bridal bouquets. We specialise in designing the exact type of flowers to suit you. So if you don’t see exactly what you want, give me a call and I will be able to create a design especially for you.Natural style wedding posy bouquets in ivory featuring silver eucalyptus leaves.

White crescent shaped posy bouquet featuring roses, freesias and eucalyptus.

Bride and bridesmaids holding handtied posy bouquets of roses peonies and hydrangeas.

Pale pink and cream roses arranged in a psoy bouquet with ivory gypsophila flowers.

Peonie and rose handtied bridal bouquets

Country bridal bouquet for an autumn wedding with a harvest theme.

Summer wedding posy bouquets in lilac and ivory.

Posy bouquet featuring roses, peonies, hydrangeas and feesias.

Wedding bouquets for an autumn wedding featuring orange Cherry Brandy roses.

A natural bridal bouquet featuring roses, freesias, thistles and veronica in lilac and ivory.

Romantic gypsophila rose and freesia handtied posy bouquet.

Warwick House wedding bouquets, Southam.

Peony and rose wedding bouquets

Natural vintage style handtied posy bouquets.

Types of Bridal Bouquets

Choosing your bridal bouquet is one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding flowers. We can help you choose exactly the right type of bouquet to suit your style, size and wedding theme.

There are a number of different styles of bridal bouquet that you can choose. These can be divided into:

Brides holding their shower bouquets outside Walton Hall.

1. Shower Bouquet – A long flowing bouquet that cascades down in front of you. These elegant bouquets can be created with a variety of different flowers including calla lilies, roses and orchids (see above and below).

Teardrop shaped bridal bouquets featuing roses and orchids.

Ivory rose, phalaenopsis and blue triteleia teardrop bouquet.

Cascading bridal bouquets with peach Miss Piggy roses.

Ivory shower bouquet featuring lilies, roses, freesias and orchids.

Wired orchid shower bouquet for a winter wedding at Wroxall Abbey.

2. Posy Bouquet – This is our most popular style of bouquet. Many brides like the fact that they are easy to hold on the day. They are extremely versatile and can be created to be exuberant and colourful or subtle and refined.

Roses and freesias for a lilac weding colour theme.

Brides posy bouquet featuring cream and pink roses with diamante pins.
Most flowers can be incorporated into a posy bouquet. Roses can look particularly striking in a single colour such as red or white. We have also created beautiful mixed flower bouquets that combine a variety of colours and flowers such as gerberas, anemones, ranunculus and orchids.
Ivory peonies and cream roses arranged in a posy bouquet.

A striking posy bouquet with yellow roses, freesias and purple iris.

English country style posy bouquet featuring ivory roses, lilac freesias and lavender.

Summer posy bouquets in lilac and ivory for a summer wedding.

Bridal rose bouquet, Ingon Manor in Warwickshire.

3. Sheaf Bouquets – These bouquets are designed to be carried over the arm (see below). They can look particularly sophisticated when created with the right type of flowers. Long stemmed flowers are particularly suitable for this type of bridal bouquet such as calla lilies.

Sheaf bouquet in red roses for a Christmas wedding at Wroxall Abbey.
If you are looking for a professional florist to talk through the different options of bouquet for your wedding, you can contact us or you can call us on 0788 7557489.

More Examples of Bridal Bouquets

Below are some more photos of popular bridal bouquets that we have produced.

posy bridal bouquet for a wedding purple freesia in wedding bouquet
blue posy style bridal bouquet Vintage wedding bouquet with roses
autumn wedding bridal bouquet bride holding pink peony wedding bouquet


White calla lilies for a sheath bridal bouquet Tropical hand-tied sheath bouquet with roses and calla lilies

pastel pink and cream peony and rose bridal bouquet

Autumn theme wedding bouquet for bride Purple wedding bouquet with anenomes
natural posy style bridal bouquet White rose wedding bouquet
red rose bridal bouquet calla lily sheaf bouquet
bride and bridesmaids holding wedding bouquets pink rose wedding bridal bouquet
White calla lily bridal bouquet Pink rose shower bouquet

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